Google AdSense allows publishers of websites to serve automatic text, image, video and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. 

This Google AdSense tutorial and course will give you a general introduction to Google AdSense, and will cover topics such as Google AdSense policies, custom channels, search box placement, rich image ads, placement targeting, blocking and allowing ads, reviewing your ads and performance reports, and finally how to use Google AdSense to help you earn a living, allowing you perhaps the freedom to work for yourself, from home, or abroad. 

This Google AdSense tutorial course will be of great interest to professionals who want to promote their website more effectively and to learners who want a better understanding of how to use Google AdSense and how it operates. This course is essential learning for any budding online entrepreneur or individual seeking a career in an online business environment.

Course Curriculum

Google AdSense
Introduction to Google AdSense Details 00:00:00
Google AdSense Interface Details 00:00:00
Google AdSense Insights Details 00:00:00
Google AdSense Efficiency Details 00:00:00
AdSense Policy Webinar – Being Policy Compliant Details 00:00:00
Custom Channels Details 00:00:00
AdSenes for Search – Search box placement Details 00:00:00
Enable Text and ImageAds Details 00:00:00
Creating an ad unit Details 00:00:00
Utilize Link Units Details 00:00:00
Simplify your ad management and gain performance insights Details 00:00:00
Opt-in to Placement Targeting Details 00:00:00
Determining eligible ads for your content pages Details 00:00:00
Google AdSense – Allow and Block Ads Details 00:00:00
Google AdSense – Additional Publisher Resources Webmaster Tools Details 00:00:00
Ad Review Center Details 00:00:00
Performance Report Tabs Details 00:00:00
Advanced reporting Details 00:00:00
Understanding your CPM Details 00:00:00
Make Money on Blogger using Google AdSense Details 00:00:00
What Has AdSense Done for You? Details 00:00:00

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