What’s the focus of this course?

Building on the foundation of  AdWords Fundamentals course, this training will expand on the basics to show you how to make the best use of the tools, reports and features within AdWords, in order to put power behind your campaigns. We’ll dig into reporting, diagnostic and campaign expansion tools, and paid search optimization techniques. With a focus on budget, keywords, ad copy and landing pages, you will learn advanced SEM account management skills that will allow you to run highly effective AdWords campaigns.

What are the course objectives?

  • Customizing AdWords Data – Learn how to use features and tools within the AdWords system to identify areas to optimize and save time by focusing on what’s most important for your PPC goals
  • Useful Reports –  Learn the best reports to refine your keywords, stay ahead of and discover where and when your customers are searching for you
  • Optimization Techniques – Learn how to take your campaigns to the next level and get the most out of your AdWords campaigns
  • Advanced Account Management –  Learn bidding strategies for your account based off reporting analysis

Course Curriculum

Level 1
Introduction to Adwords (PPC) 00:00:00
Important Terms of PPC 00:00:00
Understanding of Google search 00:00:00
Setting objectives & goals 00:00:00
Actionable metrics for performance measurements 00:00:00
Formulating account structure 00:00:00
Segmentation of keywords 00:00:00
Level 2
Usage of multiple match types 00:00:00
Understanding industry key-drivers 00:00:00
Competitive Analysis 00:00:00
Targeting 00:00:00
Compelling ads that increase click-through-rate’s lower costs 00:00:00
Understanding, Analyzing & Improving – Relevance & Quality score 00:00:00
Improve conversion rates, targeted ads & relevant landing pages 00:00:00
Ad preview tool 00:00:00
Understanding advance functionality 00:00:00
Understand bidding strategy 00:00:00
Manual vs. Automated bid management 00:00:00
Bid management features 00:00:00
Level 3
Importance of UI/UX design 00:00:00
Call-to-action 00:00:00
Set campaign objectives & goals 00:00:00
Define Performance Metrics 00:00:00
Monitor PPC activity with Google Analytics 00:00:00
Display & Video Formats 00:00:00
Mobile Advertising 00:00:00
Track & measure views through conversions 00:00:00
Multivariate Testing 00:00:00
A/B split Testing 00:00:00
Re-marketing 00:00:00
Case study 00:00:00

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  • 10 Days



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