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Through the Introduction to Digital Marketing course, you will gain a high-level understanding of Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing, enabling you to take informed decisions and strategize your online marketing efforts. This course is suitable for all business roles from fresh recruits to function heads and business owners and is the stepping stone to begin your digital marketing learning journey.

What are the course objectives?

The following course will enable participants to :
  • Understand the digital media, its power and potential
  • Discover and internalize online marketing  jargons
  • Basic understanding of SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics and Content Marketing
  • Gain the context to take business decisions involving the digital media and online marketing
  • Get ready to deep dive into advanced online marketing topics

Key Features:                                                                          

  • Online & Offline Classes                                                                 
  • Flexible batch timing                                                                     
  • Weekday & Weekend Classes available                                           
  • Prepare for Google Adwords & Analytics Exam                                
  • Stimulating assignment & test
  • Hands on Experience 
  • Global Exposure  

Course Highlight:

  • 4-6 hours per week
  • 6 Months Course
  • 30+ Live Projects and case study
  • 6 Month Experience Certificate
  • Government Certification from NIESBUD to start your own business
  • Work from home opportunity after completion to earn upto Rs 1 Lac per month                                  

 Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for:

  • Fresh graduates

  • Business owners

  • Web Designers

  • Web Marketers

  • Professionals in their early career

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Work from home opportunity 

Course Curriculum

Digital Marketing overview
Introduction to Digital Marketing 00:25:00
Inbound & Outbound Marketing 00:42:00
Understanding of Traffic 00:15:00
Understanding of Sales Funnel 00:00:00
Aligning Internet with Business Objectives 00:00:00
User Behaviour & Navigation 01:00:00
Branding 00:07:00
User Experience 00:25:00
Strategies in Digital Marketing 00:25:00
Developing a Digital Marketing Startegy 01:20:00
Examples of Great Case Studies 00:03:00
Getting Started with Blogging 00:00:00
Finding Your Blog’s Focus 00:00:00
How to Discover Your Blog’s Voice 00:00:00
Deciding What Type of Blog Works for You 00:00:00
How to Craft Compelling Content 00:00:00
The Best Way to Build a List 00:00:00
Writing for Search Engines 00:00:00
How to Format Your Blog Posts to Get Them Read 00:00:00
The Importance of Networking & Making Connections 00:00:00
Why You Need to Write Guest Posts 00:00:00
Interviewing Experts & Influencing Influencers 00:00:00
Being Awesome 00:00:00
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What is SEO 00:00:00
Why do you need SEO? 00:00:00
The current SEO landscape 00:00:00
How people search 00:00:00
Overview of Keywords 00:00:00
Making your web site search engine friendly 00:00:00
Google Webmaster Central Developments 00:00:00
Linking Strategies 00:00:00
Innovative techniques for building inbound links 00:00:00
Video Optimisation 00:00:00
Overview of Terminology 00:00:00
Optimising your Web Site 00:00:00
Creating Content 00:00:00
Developing a Link Strategy 00:00:00
Top 10 SEO Tips 00:00:00
What not to do 00:00:00
How to use Blogging as an SEO tool 00:00:00
The importance of hosting 00:00:00
Localisation and getting found in Local Search 00:00:00
Staying out of trouble with search engines 00:00:00
Lead Generation
Understanding Lead Generation for Business 00:00:00
Importance of Lead Generation 00:00:00
Importance of Landing Pages 00:00:00
Importance of Thank-You Page 00:00:00
Landing Page & Website 00:00:00
What is A/B testing? 00:00:00
Selecting Landing Pages after A/B testing 00:00:00
Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy 00:00:00
Email Marketing
Introduction to Email Marketing 00:00:00
The Evolution of Email Marketing 00:00:00
Online versus Offline Marketing 00:00:00
When to use Email Marketing in the Marketing Mix 00:00:00
Building an email database 00:00:00
Opt-in options 00:00:00
Managing your email database 00:00:00
Email Delivery Software solutions 00:00:00
Planning and Creating Email Campaigns 00:00:00
Types of Marketing Campaigns that are Best Suited to Email Marketing 00:00:00
Examples of Good and Bad Email Marketing Pieces 00:00:00
Handling Responses 00:00:00
Integrating Email into the Overall Marketing Mix 00:00:00
Testing & measurement 00:00:00
Legislation & Data Protection 00:00:00
Case studies 00:00:00
Facebook Marketing
Creating Facebook Account & page 00:00:00
Custom Facebook Url 00:03:00
Creating & Editing Events 00:05:00
Pin & Highlights Post 00:04:00
Facebook advertising 00:17:00
Scheduling Posts 00:03:00
Invite Page Likes 00:01:00
Power Editor 00:00:00
Facebook Quiz 00:10:00
Youtube Marketing
Importance of Youtube marketing 00:00:00
Benefits of Youtube Marketing 00:00:00
Youtube Marketing 00:00:00
Using Youtube for business 00:00:00
Youtube Marketing Strategy 00:00:00
Youtube Advertising 00:00:00
Twitter Marketing
Understanding of Twitter 00:00:00
Importance of Twitter 00:00:00
Tools to measure Influence on Twitter 00:00:00
Marketing on Twitter 00:00:00
Twitter Advertising 00:00:00
Setting up Campaign 00:00:00
Linkedin Marketing
Introduction to Linkedin 00:00:00
Company Profile vs Individual Profiles 00:00:00
Importance of Linkedin 00:00:00
Understanding of Linkedin groups 00:00:00
Marketing on Linkedin groups 00:00:00
Advertising on linkedIn 00:00:00
Display vs text 00:00:00
Google Adwords (PPC)
How Google AdWords works 00:00:00
How to set up an effective Google Adwords Campaign 00:00:00
Using Professional Tools to pick the Right Keywords for Success 00:00:00
Analysing your Market Online 00:00:00
How to write effective Adword Ad copy 00:00:00
How to set budgets 00:00:00
How to set up a locally targeted campaign 00:00:00
Improving your Click Through Rate (CTR) 00:00:00
Landing pages for success 00:00:00
Managing Your Campaigns on an ongoing basis 00:00:00
Advanced Keyword Research 00:00:00
How to see what the competition is bidding on 00:00:00
Writing even more compelling ads 00:00:00
Advanced Campaign Optimisation 00:00:00
Creating Reports 00:00:00
Automating Report Generation 00:00:00
Why CTR is Important 00:00:00
Improving CTR 00:00:00
Regional Targeting 00:00:00
Keyword Bracketing 00:00:00
Using the Google Keyword Tool 00:00:00
Content Marketing
Understanding Content Marketing 00:00:00
The Power of Storytelling 00:00:00
Generating Content Ideas 00:00:00
Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy 00:00:00
Building a Content Creation Framework 00:00:00
Becoming an Effective Writer 00:00:00
Extending the Value of Your Content Through Repurposing 00:00:00
How to Effectively Promote Content 00:00:00
Measuring and Analyzing Your Content 00:00:00
Developing a Growth Marketing Mentality 00:00:00
Growth Hacking
Introduction to Digital Marketing 00:25:00
What is Growth Hacking? 00:00:00
What would be the catalyst for someone to sign up? 00:00:00
Sizing + Spacing 00:00:00
What is A/B testing? 00:00:00
Can test results change? 00:00:00
Notable Growth Hacks 00:00:00
Is there Anyway to Track referrals? 00:00:00
Growth Hacking Resources 00:00:00
Describe What a Growth Hacker does, and Recognize how to Become One 00:00:00
Use some of the best tips in the industry to grow your user base 00:00:00
Google Adsense
Introduction to Google AdSense 00:00:00
Google AdSense Interface 00:00:00
Google AdSense Insights 00:00:00
Google AdSense Efficiency 00:00:00
AdSense Policy Webinar – Being Policy Compliant 00:00:00
Custom Channels 00:00:00
AdSenes for Search – Search box placement 00:00:00
Enable Text and ImageAds 00:00:00
Creating an ad unit 00:00:00
Utilize Link Units 00:00:00
Simplify your ad management and gain performance insights 00:00:00
Opt-in to Placement Targeting 00:00:00
Determining eligible ads for your content pages 00:00:00
Google AdSense – Allow and Block Ads 00:00:00
Google AdSense – Additional Publisher Resources Webmaster Tools 00:00:00
Ad Review Center 00:00:00
Performance Report Tabs 00:00:00
Advanced reporting 00:00:00
Understanding your CPM 00:00:00
Make Money on Blogger using Google AdSense 00:00:00
What Has AdSense Done for You? 00:00:00
Google Analytics
Introduction – Web Analytics 00:00:00
Getting Started With Google Analytics 00:00:00
Traffic Source 00:00:00
Advertising 00:00:00
Content 00:00:00
Visitors 00:00:00
Goals & Ecommerce 00:00:00
Actionable Insights and the Big Picture 00:00:00
Understand the benefits of using website analytics 00:00:00
Recognise and use the data provided by web analytics packages 00:00:00
Google Analytics interface 00:00:00
Analytics terminology 00:00:00
Implement, configure and use Google Analytics 00:00:00
Use web analytics to improve your website 00:00:00
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 00:00:00
Top 5 Areas to focus on for your business 00:00:00
Key tools and diagnostics based on different web site objectives 00:00:00
Reporting 00:00:00
Understanding of Digital Marketing Process 00:00:00
Affiliate marketing
History of Affiliate Marketing 00:00:00
Frequently asked questions about Affiliate Marketing 00:00:00
The basis of Affiliate Marketing 00:00:00
How affiliate Marketing works 00:00:00
Affiliate Program payment methods 00:00:00
Cookies and Affiliates 00:00:00
Tiered Affiliate Marketing 00:00:00
Cross selling and up selling 00:00:00
Multi tier marketing and commissions 00:00:00
List of affiliate marketing software 00:00:00
Affiliate marketing with Commission Junction 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with LInkshare 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with One Network Direct 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing wit ShareASale 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with Plimus 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associates 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with Flexoffers 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with clickbank 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with Commission Soup 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing with Local affiliate Programs 00:00:00
Signing up as an Affiliate 00:00:00
Logging into your affiliate account 00:00:00
Integrating Affiliate Links into your websites 00:00:00
Monitoring affiliate performance and tracking sales 00:00:00
Affiliate Links and how to deal with them 00:00:00
Promoting your affiliate program 00:00:00
Overcoming the challenges of affiliate marketing 00:00:00
Performing market analysis and market research 00:00:00
Market strategies Establishment 00:00:00
Affiliate Marketing and organic Search Optimization 00:00:00
Search affiliates 00:00:00
Price comparison service website 00:00:00
Loyalty websites 00:00:00
Cause related and coupon websites 00:00:00
Personal weblogs and website syndicates 00:00:00
Email marketing and shopping directories 00:00:00
Registration or co-registration affiliates 00:00:00
File sharing affiliates 00:00:00
How to attract affiliates 00:00:00
Hosting and implementing an affiliate program 00:00:00
Growing your Affiliate Numbers 00:00:00
Setting up an affiliate program 00:00:00
Affiliate network service agreement 00:00:00
Data feeds and customer returns 00:00:00
Merchants/publisher management 00:00:00
Setting up an Affiliate Marketing software 00:00:00
Affiliate program promotion and content pages 00:00:00
Screen affiliates 00:00:00
Combating affiliate fraud 00:00:00

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