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Get The Best Opportunities With Best Vocational Training

Get The Best Opportunities With Best Vocational Training


Around six lakh IT professionals are on the verge of losing their jobs.  According to the Executive search recruitment company, Head Hunters India, the IT professionals between 1.75 lakh to 2 lakh will lose their jobs every year for forthcoming three years.  And it is because they are finding it difficult to adapt the new innovative technologies. As per the founder-chairman of the Head Hunters, around 56000 IT professionals can lose their jobs this year. Moreover, one of the most proficient research firms, McKinsey & Company has reported that for next 4 years, more than half of the employees in the IT firms will not be relevant anymore.

Furthermore, Head Hunters India has mentioned that the IT sector is going through a phase of uncertainty as the progress in digital technologies is occurring at a much quicker speed and the companies are uniting the new knowledge with the old skills. The change in technology will be leaving the biggest impact on the professionals who are of and above the age of 35, as they may find it difficult to find the new job again.

So as you can see that in the past of last 1.5 years more than 2 lakhs professional have lost their jobs from IT industry because they did not advance their knowledge and skills as the cutting-edge technology of digital marketing is setting its foot in the IT industry. In addition, the upcoming 3 years may expect a lot more from this new digital marketing technology.


Why Digital Marketing?

For the reason that digital marketing is not only swiftly growing, it is also a stepping stone for the future of marketing, as before long the digital marketing will take the place of traditional methods of marketing in the industry. And Voceduonline is one of the best online platforms to improve your digital marketing skills and get back the jobs in IT industry.

Closely 10 million jobs around the world are not giving fitting results, and the employers are not satisfied with the skills of their employees. Voceduonline is the place, where both organizations and employees have something to gain. It is an alternate to an old-fashioned college education. Managers can work with the programs to grow the skills-based rating system. Employees can take the assessment test to demonstrate their excellence in a skill or talent, and plan the training ahead accordingly to gain more knowledge.  Hiring based on the Vocedu program is much more effective in finding the contenders who require less training as compared to their peers and are less likely to quit anytime soon. VOCEDU also provide everyone with the chance to fulfill his or her career ambitions irrespective of past educational background or work experience.


Skill Based Professional Education

Education based on the skills is turning out to be the turning points of many careers. Several companies want their employees to have all the required useful skills they need to grow their stature in the market and industry. Courses offered by Voceduonline are characteristically more applied and based on improving the attitudes as compared to the educational degrees. Nonetheless, several universities and colleges and other technical institutes teach the vocational courses to its students to make a better career out of their skills and aptitudes.

 If you know, precisely what do you want to achieve in your career life and what kind of practical skills are required to achieve that, then the vocational training program at Voceduonline is the right choice for you. Voceduonline offers w wide range of digital marketing courses that can help you in the times where nobody’s job is safe and they need something extra that can help them make their position strong or help them get lot more lucrative jobs in the industry.




Employment at World’s Top MNCs

All the programs at Voceduonline have been designed on such skills that your job at the world’s top multinationals is almost guaranteed.  Many companies around the world are looking for the employees who possess these skills. These skills will make you qualified for utmost paid jobs across the Globe.

Training based on Practical experience

Here, training is based on the real-time experience. The candidates will be given training by really getting involved in various projects to gain the best possible real work experience.

Online Training as per Your Own Suitability

All the training programs are actually provided through online classes. They offer you the choice of learning the new technologies at your own convenience and capability. You can take your time to learn in most effective and efficient manner.

Best Instructors

With Voceduonline you will get the world’s best teachers or instructors who will teach you all the skills you need to make the best out of your career and develop your skills and knowledge to the best of your abilities.

Best Digital Marketing courses

At Voceduonline you will get the best digital marketing courses with latest updates. You will learn about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, YouTube and Video Marketing, Basics of Search Engine Optimization and much more.

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